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Postby rintaun » Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:44 am

Since I'm just getting started on pumping out some actual visible features on V2, I thought I'd take this time to begin explaining the workflow of the new website. Your first question is probably something along the lines of "what do you mean by workflow?" Well, simply put, it's the flow of the various ways in which the user can interact with the website.

Of course, as this website revolves around user-contributed audio files (and on the new website, video files too!), that's also what I mean, mostly, when I say workflow. It's the flow of the website accomplishing its purpose. :)

The current website's workflow is rather simple, you Visit, then either Upload or Download. If you want to Interact you have to first Register for the forums. All in all rather simple. Unfortunately in some ways and ultimately (I hope) very helpful in others, the workflow on the new website is going to be a bit more complicated. What I'm about to tell you could still change, but basically this is what I have in mind at the moment.

When a user first Visits the website, they can Download, just like they could before. However, in order to be able to Upload, they first must Register for an account. This same account will also be used for the forums, so having two separate logins will not be necessary. Once you have registered for an account, a world of possibilities becomes available -- Uploading, Data Editing, and probably a lot more that I haven't thought of yet. ;)

Uploading will be much the same as it is now, but again, it has another step added in. Right now, you upload a file, it goes live on the website immediately. However, under the new workflow, it won't go live immediately. Instead, it will enter a moderation queue. While this is a bit more tedious for everyone involved, it's much better this way in the data quality department (such as all those files on the listing now with no ID3 tags). The moderation queue is basically on a first-come-first-serve basis, but there are several ways for songs (/videos) to move up ahead of other things in the queue. One such way is to enter metadata for the song/video. For example, when you first upload a song the "name" of the song is set to the name of the file that is uploaded; it should not stay this way. This is one of the things that will be changed upon moderation. However, if you change this yourself after you've uploaded a song, it will get a higher priority in the moderation queue -- after all, you're helping the mods with their job! (Okay, so, this doesn't really apply to you guys too much, because I'm going to be forcing allowing many of you to be mods anyway! :D) It will receive a boost for other similar data-edits.

You will be able to see a list of the files you've uploaded in your profile, and which ones are still in the moderation queue. One thing that I'm contemplating is having all the unmoderated songs appear on a list open to all registered users; that way the moderation queue can move even more quickly -- the only thing that the mods will need to do, hopefully, is give the final stamp of approval.

Once I get all of these different interfaces worked out (or throughout the process of when I'm working on them), I'll move all the songs on the current listing into the database and enter them into the moderation queue. That way, when we go live, we can have some content up already -- hopefully all our old content, plus better metadata quality, file naming, etc.!

Also, one thing that I forgot to mention is that it's going to be a bit different for videos uploaded to the listing. When a video is uploaded, it will be entered into the database and moderation queue like normal, and metadata will be entered for it like normal, but it won't go live on the website until a couple things happen. First is that it has to be approved by a moderator; it then goes into another video conversion queue, which unfortunately is going to be a little bit slow (however, I anticipate much fewer videos than songs). Once it has gone through the conversion queue, it has to be approved by a different moderator than the one that approved it the first time, at which point it will be split, uploaded to YouTube, and will go live on the website (in full format).

So yeah. That's pretty much it. I'd really like to know what you think, so if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, let me know!
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Re: Workflow

Postby Zop » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:13 am

I can't complain about anything! There aren't really that many steps, but it might be good to allow users to see the status of their submission... In regard to songs, I really see only a few steps... when it's first submitted, if a moderator has even downloaded it, and then pass/fail... but the video method has more steps, so showing the status would be more useful.
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