Filetypes accepted: .mp3 .wav .flac .ape .wma .mp4 .ogg
Max file size: 250MB
Recommended file size: 10-25MB (Lossy)
Recommended file size: 60-100MB (Lossless)

Here are the guidelines for uploading music:
- Must be music.
- Must be a version of a music compilation song from the site Nico Nico Douga. Kumikyoku is the most popular song but there are several others including Lantis, Monogatari, and Urakumikyoku which are very welcome. I understand that this is a vague definition but go with your instinct.
- Must be of good quality. Don't upload music lower than 128kbps and preferably 192kbps. Also, try your very best not to record the music from Nico Nico and even less from YouTube. I'm just asking that you invest some time looking for better quality.
- Must not be a duplicate. If you haven't downloaded everything on the page, just look at the songs' versions and see if it's possible that it could be a duplicate.
- MUST NOT BE YOUR OWN CRAPPY KARAOKE! Unless it's good... Here is a good judge of thumb: send the song to someone who isn't afraid to hurt your feelings ask them how they feel about it. If they admit you have talent, upload it. If you sincerely feel other people would really like to listen to it then go ahead. However, Yukito will be moderating (this is a lie)...and he's a jerk.

- Before uploading, please tag the song (if possible) using the following guidelines:
- Filename: "<Name of base song> (<Version> Ver.)" For the version, use the group/person who did the song, something noticable about the song, or what you feel is best. If you feel this is the base version then omit the version part
- Title: Same as filename
- Artist: Who you think performed/composed the song. If you can't figure it out then "Nico Nico Douga Artists".
- Album: "Nico Nico Douga Music"
- Year: Guess.
- Genre: "Anime"
- Comment: Link to video (OPTIONAL).
- Track: Blank

All uploads will immediately be available for download. However, the database will be moderated by Yukito and Rintaun so please don't abuse our rules. We will remove conent we feel does not qualify. Also, remember that this is a service for your peers so be respectful to each other. If there is too much abuse of the service we will terminate the serivce.
Disclaimer: We believe that files offered through this service are either covered under fair use and are not copyright infringing, as they are fan-created works from the website Nico Nico Douga. If you believe that any file on this website infringes your copyright, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster, and the infringing files will be removed immediately.