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If you are looking for a literal translation for the original Japanese lyrics for Kumikyoku, look on the main Kumikyoku page. If you are looking for English lyrics to sing along with the karaoke version of the medley, use these lyrics.

Editor's Note: These should not be taken as an "official" set of English lyrics for Kumikyoku, but merely this editor's interpretation of them. They were written with the objective of fitting English lyrics to the melody while trying not to stray too far from the original meaning of the lyrics. Some of these lyrics are official English lyrics released by the original song publishers, while others are fan-made karaoke lyrics. If you find another translation of a certain song's lyrics that you prefer, by all means use them instead.

01 - Agent Goes at Midnight
Higher, go beyond the blue sky
Go deeper and deeper into my heart
With the technique that only you can use
Use it somehow or other
Use it somehow or other
Use it somehow or other
Use it somehow or other
Use it somehow or other

(Let's go!)
Higher, go beyond the blue sky
Go deeper and deeper into my heart
With the technique that only you can use
Use it somehow or other
Instinct, swirling in the midst of my
Throbbing heartbeat, it's slowly fading
It's a dream only for one night
I will dance as much as I can!

02 - Sunny Sunny Happiness
On a particular sunny day
A happiness greater than magic
Will pour down! Endlessly!
It's not impossible!
When we meet again tomorrow
We will laugh and hum a tune
Let's collect all, the hap-pi-ne-ess
It's easy there's nothing to it
Come on chase after them
A-and try to catch them
You love big dreams, big dreams, big dreams, don't you?

03 - Stops at the Affected Area and Immediately Dissolves
It's konbu seaweed soup, it works like a charm! (Left B right A right right!)
It's the art of mixing skipjack tuna and konbu (A A left left right!)
Kon-bu sea-weed soup, it works like a charm! (Left B right A right right!)
It's skipjack tuna and konbu! (A A left left right A!)

04 - Help Me, Erinnnnnn!!
Ah-ah-ah, ah, what should I do?
With these arms that I am waving up high! Up high! (E-rin! E-rin!)
Yo-ou are my beloved moon
My beloved upside down mo-on (Help me! E-rin!)

05 - Nowhere
Yan-man-ni yan-man-ni yan-man-ni ya-i-ya
Yan-man-ni yan-man-ni yan-man-ni ya-i-ya
Yan-man-ni yan-man-ni yan-man-ni ya-i-ya
That dream connects the two of us
Don't follow the guide given
By the star that shows everything!
And instead ru-un straight up towards
The door high up in the sky
I will go wherever the wind takes me

06 - Fang of Critias
(I can still play this! Berserker's Soul!)
(Berserker's Soul?)
(First, I discard my entire hand. Then, I continue to draw cards from my deck until I draw something other than a monster card, and send them to the graveyard. Meanwhile, with each card I draw I can attack you with a monster with 1500 points or less!)
(1500 points or less?! Argh... you!)

07 - Gong
Right this moment everyone stand up
You are all destined warriors!
With the mighty sword of lightning de-
feat those enemies of yours

08 - Beware the Forest's Mushrooms
Exiting the forest is super simple
All you do is follow these path turns
For the rest of your gaming life

09 - Butter-Fly
Even after an endless dream
Even with these broken wings
I'm sure we can fly on my love!
I'm sure we can fly on my...

10 - My Crimson Devotion
Right now there are so many things that I do not understand
But I'll keep moving forward on this path I believe in
I don't care if you're an ally or an enemy
I'll never ever let go of your hand! My crimson devotion!

11 - Can't Beat Airman
I can't freaking beat it down no matter
How many times I try to fight that Airman
I tried to sneak behind his back and blast him
But he always blows me away with his goddamn tornado attack
I tried my luck with the Time Stop attack
But it's no use against that freaking stupid Airman!
So to make sure I won't lose next time
I will save that one E-can until the very end

12 - Yuuki versus Iji
Your shining eyes of bravery
Showing the evolution of your soul
I'll just keep aiming for the future

13 - Uninstall
Uninstall, uninstall
I was told that I am just a single speck of dust on this Earth
But that is something I cannot yet comprehend
Uninstall, uninstall
I have no choice but to pretend that I am a warrior
Who-o knows no-o fear, uninstall

14 - Bird's Poem
An airplane vapor trail
We watched it fade a-way
It hurt my eyes, I ran away
I guess that I will always be weak
Ever since that day
I never change
I just never ever change myself
It hurt so much I had to go
I regretfully let go
Of your hand

15 - You
Where are you now? Where are you now?
What are you doing at this moment?
Are you still somewhere under
This same blu-ue sky?
Will you keep smiling just
As you always used to?
Right now that is the only
Thing I can wish for you

16 - Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
Hating, hating, loving
Who are you, who are you? I can't be alive without you
I wonder why, someone tell me why
Why why why don't I miss you a lot forever?
I really don't know
Your kind of magic
If I try to tell you my feelings
I will break apart
You are completely
Different than me
So don't go around stealing other people's
Hearts so easily

17 - 110 Million Memories
I remember that I have done this before, as a kid!
It's a very blurry memory of
Me and my red and white baseball cap
Ultraman! Ultraman seven!
It's nostalgia from my childhood, as a kid!
When we got curry for recess time
I put those silver spoons to my eyes
Ultraman! Ultraman seven!
But now I can't remember any of that anymore
Now I'm living every day like I am being chased by something!
The number of scenes that I have missed are
A hundred million! A hundred million!
The seasons that have passed by me were just like grafitti
The amount of courage you've given me is
A hundred million! A hundred million!
The seasons that have passed by me were just so dra-ma-a-tic

18 - God Knows
That's why I'll follow you forever, even if I never
See anything but your agony!
Because you shine through
The darkness that has swallowed the world
Now that the future is approaching, weakness is encroaching
But I won't let that destroy my soul!
I'll do it my way
And that means I am with you
I love you so God bless...

19 - Just Take It! Sailor Uniform
Just take it! 'cause at the end
The one who'll be laughing is gonna be me!
'cause I'm wearing my sailor uniform, conclusion!
Even though it's Monday
I'm in a bad mood, oh what should I do?
I'd rather have the summer uniform, it's so cute!

20 - Gacha Gacha Hertz
Everyone in the whole wide world
Gacha gacha cute, it's fig-ure art!
Uh-oh! Once more, with a louder voice
Everybody shout it out right now
Figure art is great in three dimensions!

21 - Genesis of Aquarion
All this time these twelve thousand years I know I've always loved you
Eight thousand years from the time that I met you
My love grows stronger than ever before~
One hunred million and two thousand years from now I will still love you
I want you to know since you came in my life
Every day, every night, you give light into the darkest skies

22 - Futari no Mojipittan
Pitan, tanta Mojipitan!
Rinran, ranra Mojipitan!

23 - Flat-chested
Flat-chested, flat-chested, flat-chested girls!
(Little girls, lit-tle girls, flat-chested little girls)
Flat-chested, flat-chested, flat-chested girls!
(Don't call me flat-chested!)

24 - Here We Go!
Everybody loves
Nico Nico Douga
You can express yourself

25 - True My Heart
So please, give a tender little kiss here
So please, give a tender little kiss here

26 - Kiss My Lips
Running barefoot across
The beach will you chase me?
Feeling your face drawing
Close to me,
Kiss my lips!
Now embrace me with both of your arms

27 - Rodeo Machine
(Oh my god!) (Oh my god!)
(Oh my god!) (Oh my god!)
(Oh my god!) (Oh my god!)

28 - Dragon Quest Overture
Oh-h our emperor, may thy reign last forever
May it last thousands upon
Thous-ands of years un-ti-il

29 - Final Fantasy Theme
Thi-is tiny stone
Will grow into a massive boulder
And the moss will grow
Around it all deep and thi-ick

30 - Gacha Gacha Cute
Gacha gacha cute, it's figure art!
Like an angel that descended from on high
You can see the artist's love shine through
A craze! A scream! In the midst of life!

Gacha gacha cute, it's figure art!
Oh please! Come on!
A-admire them!
Lo-ok after them!
Love and worship them!

31 - You are the Prince of Tennis
You are the prince of tennis!

32 - Let's Go! Diviner
We've got to call on the di-vin-er! (Let's go!)

31 - Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms
O-on meadow hills a-and dale
A-as far as you can see
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms
Flowers in full bloom...

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