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Welcome to KumikyokuWiki! I got this idea from the Track List Assistance thread on the forums, and would eventually like to accomplish several things:

  • Complete listing of all the songs from each Medley
  • Complete listing of all lyrics from each Medley
  • Complete lyrics and info for each of the songs use in the various Medleys

Pretty much in that order. Recently we have also been writing articles about the sources of the songs used in Nico Nico Douga medleys.

Links to the database, the forums and the YouTube channel are on the side bar. In addition, we have an IRC channel, #kumikyoku @ Rizon.

Big Announcement 10/12/14: Unfortunately, due to an amount of reasons (listed at the forums), we are trying to find a new hosting service for the wiki and do our best to keep every page and everything about this wiki as they are and as a whole.

If you want to help us in anyway possible, please head over to the forums down in the sidebar in the links section. (If you don't have an account, you'll need one to converse the situation with us over there; and it's simple to make one, too!)

Here's a link to the situation at hand:

We are very sorry for this coming up at such short notice (and any inconvenience) and we hope for the best. Again, help is VERY much appreciated!

Here are some starting points:

Medleys of the original Kumikyoku series by Shimo


Medleys by 16/SNOW

Medleys by Leiverra (September 22nd, 2007 - August 26th, 2012)

Medleys by daniwell

Medleys by tetsuo / KuchibashiP (くちばしP)

Acoustic Guitar medleys by Heppoko Roku Gen Dukai

Guitar medleys by Kikori (きこり)

Piano medleys by Marasy (まらしぃ)

Piano medleys by ZimuinG (事務員G)

Medleys by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band (陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊)

Composed medleys by the Nintendo Special Big Band (任天堂スペシャルビッグバンド)

Medleys by Tokyo Active NEETs (東京アクティブNEETs)

Medleys by Mahi (麻痺)

Medleys by Onitan (おにたん)

Medleys by Zel (ゼル)

Medleys by HAJIME

Medleys by Winnna (うぃんな)

Medleys by FLAG

Medleys by Niewals (2÷す)

Medleys by Satoru (さとる)

Medleys by ЯiLО (理路)

Medleys by Kurogiri (くろぎり)

Medleys by Rykiel (リキエル)

Medleys by Asterisk (*(アスタリスク))

Medleys by Watainu (綿犬)

Medleys by Jyun (じゅん)

Medleys by Frog96 / Furokero (フロクロ)

Medleys by Messzylinder (メスシリンダー)

Medleys by Tomo / Ginga-P (銀河P)

Medleys by Churuchin (ちゅるちん)

dameMixx series

Nico Nico Kae Uta Medley series

50 Second Medley series

Name The Medley Producer Medley series

Kumikyoku Eroge Douga series

Daigassaku! Band Brother collaborations

Medleys from the Hatsune Miku Birthday Festival 2012 (初音ミク誕生祭2012)

Medleys from the Chargeman Ken Broadcasting Festival (チャー研投稿祭)

  • From 2011

Touhou Mountain of Faith Speed Medley For The Insane Bugs

  • From 2012

Touhou Imperishable Night Speed Medley For The Insane Bugs

  • From 2013

Kichigai Rekoudo Senritsu no Medley ~Oyurushi Kuda Matsuri 2013~

Touhou Undefined Fantastic Object Speed Medley For The Insane Bugs

Medleys from the 3rd Kyousaku Medley Competition (第3回メドレー競作)

Medleys from the Second Nico Nico Medley Toukou Matsuri ~Team of Summer~

East V S . West Collaboration

Super Mario 30th Anniversary Medley projects / collaborations

Medleys from Video Games

Medleys by Ryokucha (formerly Midori) (絢瀬みどり / 緑茶)

Medleys by Sengoku (戦国)

Medleys by Zonamoshi (ぞなもし)

Medleys by hapi⇒ (hapinano)

Medleys by Full Ken

Medleys by Professor Sakamoto (サカモト教授)

Touhou medleys by Shiraha (しらは)

Medleys by mocchie

Medleys by Wasabou (わさぼう)

Medleys by Pei (ぺぃ)

Medleys by Uboa (ウボァー)

Medleys by R.M. (RedMuffleR)

Medleys by 8:51:22 pm

Medleys by rular

Medleys by Ikatako (いかたこ)

Medleys by Renewa (レネワ)

Medleys by Ninoue Kasuka (二上幽)

Medleys by Noma (ノマ)

Medleys by Taiyaya (タイヤヤ)

Medleys by Kotatsugata Senpuuki (こたつ型扇風機)

Medleys by Kisaichi (iksody) (きさいち)

Medleys by KANON

Medleys by M.Iz

Medleys by YASU

Medleys by Sembuzzle (千羽鶴)

Medleys by Asaoka Hieton (浅丘ヒートン)

Medleys by Kiva (きば)

Medleys by Share (シェア)

Medleys by I.F. [In Field]

Medleys by Ebuflider (エビフライダー)

Medleys by HAC

Medleys by Himanattsu (ひまなっつ)

Orchestral Medleys by KohMei and the NicoNico Orchestra (ニコニコオーケストラ)

Medleys from week of "NicoNico Natsu Master:β" (ニコニコ夏マスター:β)

  • From NicoNico Music Master 2

Guren no Yumiya Utattemita & Ensou Shitemita Relay

  • From NicoNico D@nce M@ster FINAL

Gigantic O.T.N Dancer Relay

Guren no Yumiya ~ Attack on Dancefloor

Medleys from Nico Nico Cho Party 2 (ニコニコ超パーティーII)

Medleys from Nico Nico Cho Party 3 (ニコニコ超パーティーIII)

Medleys from Nico Nico Cho Party 2015 (ニコニコ超パーティー2015)

Coming October 25th!

Collaborated Medleys

Medleys by Database Forum Members

Medleys by Utaites

Medleys by +α/Alphakyun. (+α/あるふぁきゅん。)

Medleys by Odorites

Dance Medleys by Ririri and Aoi (りりりとあおい)

Dance Medleys by Ashibuto Penta (足太ぺんた)

Collaborated dance medleys for Events

Working BGM medleys

Theme medleys

BanBro DX's Anime Song Medley series

Novelette Medley series

Arrange Relay series

Medleys Based on MADs

Honkakuteki Danjiri Matsuri collaboration series

OTOMAD medleys by Runole (ルノレ)

Medleys from 2007

Medleys from 2008

Medleys from 2009

Medleys from 2010

Medleys from 2011

Medleys from 2012

Medleys from 2013

Medleys from 2014

Medleys from 2015

Year-in-Review Medleys


[edit] Niconico News (Updates)

August 7th, 2013

[edit] It's the month of the Natsu Master and the Team of Summer!

It's here at last! The end of the D@nce M@ster, the fourth gathering of DJ's, and well-known Nico Medley arrangers are all gathering in this month of August!

First, the NicoNico Natsu Master events! Nico Nico Douga is holding THREE events and TWO side-events for all of you Nico Nico users and internet savvy alike!

These events are! (Please note that these are Japanese times. You might have to adjust these times for wherever you location's time zone is.)


【August 16th / Friday @ Shin Kiba StudioCoast】 VOCA NICO NIGHT 4 -Summer Party 2013-

【August 17th / Saturday @ Differ Ariake】 NicoNico Music Master 2

【August 18th / Sunday @ Differ Ariake】 NicoNico D@nce M@ster FINAL ~ Reverse the Future ~


【August 20th / Tuesday @ NicoFarre】 NicoNico Market Master

【August 24th / Saturday @ NicoFarre】 NicoNico Game Master 4 x Earth Defense Force 2025

Go here for more info on these events! NicoNico Natsu Master 2013

Get net tickets now before it's too late!

From arrangers of the techno / dubstep musics and from arrangers of orchestralic proportions!

The Nico Nico Medley event, "Dai 2 Kai Nico Nico Medley Toukou Matsuri ~ Team of Summer ~" is here!

Starting from August 11th to August 17th, arrangers are releasing their own medleys in honor of the event!

It seems though that Nico Nico Dragon◇─2012 arranger, Niewals (2÷す), has only brought up any info about him being in it (he is participating).

Check out the bottom page of NICO UPLIFTER for more info!

- saturnalice

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