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Kanji: n/a
Romaji: n/a
English: "Medley of YTPMV"
Release Date: 1/04/2011
Original Video URL: / sm14033112 / Remake:
Composer: Reourom / Remake: oskari14(FinnOtaku)

[edit] Track List

# Time Title Source
01 0:01 0:01 Two Faced Lovers Vocaloid (Hatsune Miku) song by wowaka / sm8082467
02 0:06 0:06 The Hamsterdance Song Song by Hampton the Hamster
03 0:19 0:19 Avast Your Ass Song by Kitsune²
04 0:30 0:30 No Song by Vim
05 0:41 0:42 Kirby's Gourmet Race Kirby Superstar BGM
06 0:45 0:45 Louder & Prouder (Picco Elektro Remix) Song by Brooklyn Bounce vs. Sample Rippers
07 0:56 0:56 Dreaming of You <(^^,)> Song by Sp1r1T /
08 1:19 1:19 Just Smile Song by ChinaShima /
09 1:42 1:42 Intensive Care Unit Song by Renard feat. FIAB
10 2:06 2:07 Rainbow Tylenol Song by Kitsune²
11 2:16 2:18 Ageha Beatmania IIDX RED
12 2:26 2:28 bloomin' feeling Beatmania IIDX Sirius
13 2:36 2:39 Red Velvet PluginPowerPack Keygen BGM
14 2:49 2:52 Take Off and Land Song by Kitsune²
15 3:06 3:10 U.N. Owen was Her? Touhou Project BGM
16 3:19 3:23 Saishuu Kichiku Imouto Flandre S Touhou Project BGM (arranged by Beat Mario)
17 3:29 3:34 Native Faith Touhou Project BGM
18 3:34 3:39 Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion Touhou Project BGM
19 3:44 3:49 Goldenrod City Pokemon BGM
20 3:55 4:00 Rock my Emotions Song by Kitsune²
21 4:05 4:10 Red Zone Beatmania IIDX RED
22 4:25 4:43 Evans jubeat Ripples
23 4:35 4:54 Night of Knights Touhou Project BGM (arranged by Beat Mario)
24 4:53 5:35 Kimono Princess Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 playable song
25 4:55 5:48 Shikakui Uchuu de Matteru yo (Rev feat.MAKI+R.Cena ver.) Saki ED (arranged by Rev feat. MAKI + R.Cena)
(Ex 6:27 Drop the Dodongo Remix by Verix)

[edit] Trivia

  • The abbreviation YTPMV stands for YouTube Poop Music Video, in which YouTube Poop is a common term used for various parody videos. Usually considered as the Western equivalent for the Japanese MADs.
  • Songs by Dave Remmler (a.k.a. Renard Queenston, Kitsune²) are one of the most well-known songs among the YouTube Poop community, Intensive Care Unit and Rainbow Tylenol being some of the most notable.
  • No is the song used in the "○○ no" fad, unfortunately the creator of the first video deleted his account. This song was also used by EddsWorld to make it more reknown.
  • On YouTube, Gourmet Race is most notably known for the "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ○○" fad. The first video of that fad was supposedly THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN, long ago deleted by it's original author.
  • Louder & Prouder (Picco Elektro Remix) is the song used in the "Elektro ○○" fad.
  • Dreaming of You is the song used in the "I ran out of ○○" fad. The first YTPMV to use this song was YTPMV: Brutha, I Shine, which inspired the first video of the fad, I ran out of ideas.
  • Just Smile is the song used in the "○○ is Being Random" fad. The "Random" comes from the video made by ChinaShima, featuring a clip of the song. Possibly the video that inspired the YTPMV fad.
  • Ageha is the song used in the "GentleMentleMen" fad. The most well-known video of the fad is GentleMentleMen, now AudioSwapped unfortunately.
  • U.N. Owen was Her? and its remix crossed over to the YTPMV music lineup through MADs. It is speculated that McRoll'd was one of those MADs that inspired the YTPMV phenomena.
  • Red Zone and Night of Knights are also MAD-gone-YouTube songs, both of them have achieved to be some of the most overused songs in both MADs and YTPMVs.
  • Denpa Trance remix of Shikakui Uchuu de Matteru yo is the song used in the "Am I waiting on ○○?" fad. The first video of the fad was Am I waiting on a Fortress?, originally uploaded by Healzer on Youtube
  • Drop the Dodongo is a remix using sound clips from the CD-i Zelda games. Even though the song originated from Something Awful, due to the source of the sound clips and the fact that CD-i cutscenes were so common source of video, the video became labeled as a YouTube Poop as the time passed by.
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